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Acclaim for best-selling author
Seth Kantner

Praise for Ordinary Wolves

"A rare thing of beauty, a novel alive with detail about a life most of us would never experience." ---Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times Book Review---

"I've not read anything that so captures the contrast between the wild world and our ravaging consumer culture. Ordinary Wolves is painful and beautiful." ----Louise Erdrich---

"An astonishing book." ---Barbara Kingsolver---

"Ordinary Wolves has scope and style to match its subjects, the wide-open spaces of Alaska and youth..." ---Mark Kamine, New York Times Book Review---

"Shockingly beautiful...Seth Kantner's Ordinary Wolves is to the mind what a chunk of pemmican made from dried caribou, cranberries, currants and rendered fat is to the body: It's going to stick to your ribs for a long time." ---Sarah T. Williams, Minneapolis Star Tribune---

"This riveting first novel sets a new standard, offering a profound and beautiful account of a boy's account to reconcile his Alaskan wilderness experience with modern society...A tour de force and may be the best treatment of the Northwest and its people since Jack London's works." ---Publisher's Weekly---

Praise for Shopping for Porcupine

"One of the most beautiful books you'll ever read--truthful, raw, and lovely. The photographs make the sparse Arctic Alaskan landscape monumentally visible and profound, while Kantner's writing imparts heroic dignity to the lives around him. This book is bound to become a classic alongside the works of Loren Eiseley, Edward Abbey, and John McPhee."---Jonis Agee---

"Seth Kantner illuminates an Alaska most of us will never know." ---Andrea Barrett---

"Full of stunning images... traditions colliding, subsistences overlapping, dilemmas mounting. It's all quite unforgettable." ---Bill McKibben---

"Kantner is a natural storyteller, and describes the tundra's immensity and timelessness so completely that you imagine you could look out across it and see mammoth" ---Bloomsbury Review---

Praise for Swallowed by the Great Land

"Kantner's, pull-no-punches, head on stories are raw, beautiful and unnerving" ---Orion---